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Insurance Company «Universalna» updated the personal insurance products

Insurance Company «Universalna» has renovated the «Voluntary accident insurance».

Updated insurance product has accumulated all the main insurance programs: «Nursery school», «School», «Student», «Competition», «Travel» and «Stability». Instead of programs «Long-liver», «Military», «Stability», the optimizing coefficients have been implemented, having simplified the insurance product.

According to Natalia Tymchiy, the Deputy Director of the medical insurance dept of Insurance Company «Universalna», the company uses the favorable conditions while insuring the clients: «for instance, insuring kids under the age of 1 year, long-livers — under the age of 101 year, insuring persons, who were being registered with disability».

«In addition, the company provides the discount system by the mentioned product, also while resigning the insurance contract», — she noted.

Under the Accident shall be recognized the following circumstances: sudden, short-time (with time limitations), unintentional and independent from the will of insured situation, which actually happened and caused the health disorders of insured or death, such as: injuries; cold steel or bullet wounds; organ (-s) loss; contusion; frostbite; burn (except the sun burn); acute poisoning, which requires the in-patient care: by chemical agents, medicines, noxious plants, food of poor quality; drowning; anaphylactic shock; asphyxia caused by hit of foreign bodies or liquids in upper air passages; stings by: snakes, venomous insects, encephalitic mites; affection by current or lightning.

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