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IC «Universalna» in the TOP-3 of LIOU by PR-activity

OJSC Insurance Company «Universalna» has secured the third place by PR-activity amid insurance companies of Ukraine, according to the research, conducted by the League of insurance organizations of Ukraine in 1Q2009.

«There wasn’t a single time, without «Universalna» being in the TOP 10 most PR active insurance companies, and in this quarter «Universalna» managed to secure the third place for the second time on end with a result — 7,4% (from the total amount of press releases)», — said in the LIOU report.

According to the LIOU research, during 1Q2009 the Information Policy Center of LIOU received 460 press releases in total from 44 companies, and the share of the Top 10 companies accounted for 66%.

«Comparing to 1Q2008, when 330 reports from 35 companies have been received, the increase in press releases sent in 1Q09 testifies about the intensive work of the PR divisions of the insurance companies», — reports LIOU.

The researches about the insurance companies’ PR-activity are conducted and published by Information Policy Center of LIOU on a quarterly basis.

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