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«Universalna» has opened two regional directions

The opening of directions is aimed at the Company’s structure optimization, enhancement of the Company’s presence in regions and extension of the insurance products market.

Brief information on existing branch network: as of 01.04.2009 the network of OJSC «Insurance Company «Universalna» accounted for over 240 PoS (notably 29 branches and 211 points of sale). The Company is presented in every region of Ukraine, including the Crimea.

"Universalna"’ strategy for 2009 is aimed at further maintenance and development of profitable distribution centers, while all the loss-making PoS will be revised and closed.

Amid the other chief aims of the Company for 2009 are: operating efficiency improvement through cost optimization, agents’ network and corporate sales development, as well as the alternative distribution channels extension, further improvement of the product range and the quality of services provided.

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