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OJSC Insurance Company «Universlana» takes over the leadership in obligatory types of insurance

OJSC Insurance Company «Universlana» assumed the leadership in obligatory insurance payments. This indicator was announced by Ukrainian Scientific Research Institute of Law and Economic Studies. The rating «Insurance Top», which analyzes financial results of the biggest insurers of Ukraine, has published the results of the studies based on the 9-month activity of insurance companies. Thus, the first place in the rating is held by «Universlana», with the sum of 13048,2 thousand UAH of total payments.

Based on payments on the above-mentioned insurance types, the company holds the 4th place among Ukrainian insurance companies. These data testify the open policy of the company and its unfailing fulfillment of assumed insurance obligations.

The biggest amount of payments was received from natural persons. It constituted 4841,1 thousand UAH.

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