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«Universalna» cooperates with «Sputnik Life»

OJSC «Insurance Company «Universalna» has concluded the contact of cooperation with the financial subsidiary «Sputnik Life» First Financial Supermarket». This contract provides the selling of «Universalna» insurance policies by broker under all non-life types of insurance.

The contract has been concluded for 1 year with a possibility of further prolongation.

In addition, the representatives of «Universalna» have held 2 trainings for «Sputnik-Life» employees, where they have been acknowledged with such insurance products as: Voluntary motor hull insurance (MOD) and Obligatory motor third party liability (OMTPL).

Let us remind that in March 2009 «Sputnik Life» and OJSC «Life Insurance Company «Universalna» have also concluded the contract of cooperation in regards to individual life insurance programs.

Financial subsidiary «Sputnik Life» First Financial Supermarket» — the All-Ukrainian insurance and financial broker, which cooperates with the insurance and financial market leaders of Ukraine and Europe.

The company was established in 2003 and obtains the extensive regional network throughout Ukraine.

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