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«Universalna» has signed the Agreement with Bank Renaissance Capital

OJSC «Insurance Company «Universalna» has concluded the Agreement on the Voluntary insurance of banking risks activity ВВВ (Bankers’ Blanket Bond) with «Bank Renaissance Capital» LLC.

The agreement has been settled for 1 year as «Universalna» won the Bank’s tender. The risks have been reinsured at Swiss Reinsurance Company, through a certified reinsurance broker «Willis Limited».

«The objective of our agreement with insurance company was to mitigate risks connected to day-to-day operational activities,» said Sebastian Rubaj, CEO at Bank Renaissance Capital in Ukraine. «We believe that our cooperation with Universalna company satisfies current needs of our business».

«Universalna» is very delighted to provide the qualitative insurance coverage to the Bank. We feel confident, that our cooperation will be efficient and long-lasting», — said Elena Zakharova, Director of corporate sales department at OJSC «Insurance Company «Universalna».

«Bank Renaissance Capital» LLC is a commercial bank, which began its activity on a Ukrainian market in the mid—2006. «Bank Renaissance Capital» is part of «Renaissance Group», the independent group of financial and investment companies with a specific focus on emerging markets. The group includes investment and banking companies, which provide services in asset management, direct investments and crediting.

Ukrainian company «Willis CIS» is the insurance and reinsurance broker, and represents the Russian company «Insurance broker Willis CIS» LLC. The company operates on a Ukrainian market since 2005.

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