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«Universalna» won the tender of OTP Bank second year on end

OJSC «Insurance Company «Universalna» has won the tender of Public JSC «OTP Bank» concerning the complex banking risks insurance second year on end. The tender has been held among top-10 Ukrainian insurance companies.

According to the agreement between the companies, «Universalna» will continue providing the bank with insurance services by the following types:

  • Voluntary property insurance,
  • Voluntary accident insurance,
  • Voluntary third party liability,
  • Voluntary motor insurance, as well as the drivers and passengers accident insurance (MOD+accident),
  • Obligatory motor third party liability,
  • Voluntary banking risks insurance (ВВВ).

JSC «OTP Bank» — universal bank, which provides the whole spectrum of financial services for the corporate and private clients, small-to-medium business. Bank furnishes services up to 300 thous. clients. Its branch network accounts for 207 POS and 21 representative offices nationwide.

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