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«Universalna» implemented new product — «OMTPL+»

OJSC Insurance Company «Universalna» has implemented a new product, developed on OMTPL basis and named «OMTPL+».

Insurance policy «OMTPL+» provides the payment of additional insurance indemnity in case of third party motor damage.

According to Ruslana Palayda, the Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of IC «Universalna», insurance coverage by «OMTPL+», in particular, will help to avoid probable financial expenses in case of traffic accident, when the cost of damaged vehicle significantly surpass the insurance coverage limit, established by law.

«OMTPL policy covers expenses on third party liability in case of the traffic accident and property damage — up to UAH 25,5 thous., and up to UAH 51 thous. — health. The special peculiarity of our product «OMTPL+» is the possibility of the coverage increase, established by law, up to UAH 10—100 thous.», — underlined Ruslana Palayda.

The Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of IC «Universalna» also noticed that «OMTPL+» has been developed consistent with new strategy of the company, based on risks segmentation by products, decreasing the Company’s loss-making by non-profitable and securing growth by profitable segments. Thereby, the cost of this policy is determined by the place of vehicle registration (and the chosen coverage limit) and totals from UAH 50 to UAH 140.

Main advantages of the new product are simplicity, official registration, low cost, as well as usual claim handling scheme (fulfilling the same way and at the same time as OMTPL).

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