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«Universalna» is one of the most reliable IC in motor insurance

OJSC «Insurance Company «Universalna» has been recognized as one of the most reliable companies in motor insurance according to the independent «Rating of motor insurers reliability», formed by «Economichna pravda».

Insurance Company «Universalna» has obtained the level «B» with appraisal — «stable».

According to the rating composers, it’s aimed at complex appraisal of insurance companies, who pay the biggest amounts in claims by OMTPL and MOD.

This rating is based on analysis of insurance companies’ indicators for 1H09, notably «on indicators of financial stability and business activity of IC with the highest level of information disclosure», — noticed the research organizers.

The following criteria have been used to assess the insurers» attractiveness: riskiness of IC activity, liabilities to capital ratio, liquidity, the level of claims paid by OMTPL and MOD, premiums growth or shrinkage by OMTPL and MOD, capital growth or shrinkage, the level of foreign support, efficiency of IC activity.

The rating includes 29 most open companies of the motor insurance market.

«Economichna pravda» — the project of «Ukrainska pravda» about business and economics. The internet-site functions as media source and conducts its own economic and social researches aimed at influence on public opinion and executive officers’ decisions.

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