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«Universalna» won the tender of «Dyckerhoff Ukraine»

OJSC «Insurance Company «Universalna» has won the tender of the group «Dyckerhoff» in Ukraine by the Voluntary medical insurance for the company’s employees. 10 leading insurance companies have participated in the tender.

The agreement, effective for 1 year, has been signed through intermediary of «IB Malakut», who is partner of IC «Universalna».

According to the agreement conditions, several medical insurance programs have been for the employees of OJSC «Kyivcement», «Dyckerhoff Ukraine» LLC and «Dyckerhoff Transport», comprising 200 persons, located in 11 regions of Ukraine. These insurance programs include ambulatory care, medicinal supply, emergency, dental care, hospital treatment, as well as the other extra options.

«Dyckerhoff» — the member of group Buzzi Unicem, a leading global manufacturer of cement and inerts. The headquarters of the Dyckerhoff AG is located in Wiesbaden (Germany). In 2000 Dyckerhoff AG opened the company in Kiev, Ukraine. This managing company coordinates the business activity and development of 3 Ukrainian cement companies, which have been bought by group in 2000: OJSC «Volyn-cement», OJSC «Yugcement» and OJSC «Kyivcement».

«IB Malakut» — insurance consultant and intermediary, which specializes on providing advisory services to large-scale corporate clients concerning insurance and risk-management, as well as reinsurance of various risks.

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