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Insurance policy «Amulet» as a gift

OJSC «Insurance Company «Universalna» launched the action «Amulet as a gift», which enables to buy the Voluntary accident and medical insurance policy just for UAH 1,00.

«Amulet» will be presented as a gift in case of purchasing the MOD and OMTPL insurance, and the simultaneous payment for these policies.

This action will be running in the company’s offices till January 31, 2009.

«Amulet» stipulates the accident insurance in case of traffic accident and the coverage of all the medical expenses in case of damage caused to the health of insured party.

«Amulet» provides the protection of driver from the financial losses in case of the traffic accident, notably:

  • Payment for the medicines;
  • Payment to driver in case of accident.

The cost of «Amulet» accounts for UAH 40 — 150 with the insurance coverage from UAH 5000 — 15 000. Its main advantages — simplicity and quick execution, low cost, as well as the simple scheme of claims handling.

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