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Insurance Company «Universalna» Becomes New National Provider of Insurance Policies for TIR Carnets

On December 31, 2004, the International Road Transport Union approved the Insurance Company «Universalna» as the new national provider of insurance policies for TIR carnets, which are issued by the International Road Carriers Association of Ukraine.

Now contracts for liability insurance within the TIR system can be signed with the Insurance Company «Universalna» at the Headquarters of the International Road Carriers Association of Ukraine (Kyiv, 11 Shchorsa St.), as well as at all branches of the Association. The new insurance tariff per one TIR carnet is US$ 11. Before «Universalna» was approved as the new national insurance provider, this tariff was US$ 12.

General information:

The TIR System is a system of customs transit designed to maximally simplify international transit of cargo that bears customs stamps and seals, as well as to ensure the required level of customs security and guarantees for transit countries.

The TIR Carnet is the system's main document, which confirms that the goods transported as part of this system are covered by international guarantees.

The International Road Carriers Association of Ukraine is one of the largest, nonprofit, nongovernmental, and voluntary associations of business entities. It unites over 2,000 organizations that provide international cargo and passenger services.

Since 1992 the Association is a full member of the International Road Transport Union (IRU, Geneva) and has been recognized by 69 associations of international carriers — signatories of the TIR Convention.

This convention on the international transport of goods with the use of TIR carnets (TIR Convention, 1975), signed by Ukraine in 1994, requires each member state to establish a guaranteeing association — the International Road Carriers Association.

The Association enforces the Customs Convention on the Ukrainian territory by issuing TIR carnets to Ukrainian carriers and making sure that they are properly used, returned, stored, and accounted for. It provides comprehensive legal counseling to carriers. However, a major function of the Association is guaranteeing the payment of state customs duties and penalties if the goods are not delivered to the destination customs.

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