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«Universalna» received accreditation in CB «Tavrika»

PJSC «Insurance Company «Universalna» received accreditation in commercial bank «Tavrika» and was included in the list of insurance companies, which were recommended to the bank’s clients for property insurance while crediting.

The accreditation spreads to all directions and types of insurance.

«The strategy of partnership with banks developed by our company takes into consideration the specific peculiarities of Ukrainian insurance market, as well as the customers’ wishes regarding insurance and banking services. Main principle while choosing banking partners is their assets liquidity, business reputation. Insurance Company «Universalna» actively works with leading net banks of Ukraine and we’re strongly positioned that we can become a stable business partner for CB «Tavrika», — emphasized Marina Protsak, Director of banking sales dept.

According to Marina Protsak, «Universalna» is always open for cooperation, demonstrating the individual approach to every client and partner.

Public joint stock company «Bank «Tavrika» was registered in 1991.

Today it’s one of the most stable banks. As of01.10.2010 the authorized capital accounts for UAH 230,00 mln.,, regulatory capital — UAH 297,48 mln., assets totals to UAH 2 889,36 mln.

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