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«Universalna» is the insurance partner in joint program of «Ukrsotsbank» and «Honda Ukraine»

PJSC «Insurance Company «Universalna» is the insurance partner in joint credit program of PJSC «Ukrsotsbank» and «Honda Ukraine» LLC.

The credit program «Honda Finance» is aimed at individuals, who buy cars «Honda» in credit granted by PJSC «Ukrsotsbank» (the bank is an exclusive crediting partner of «Honda Ukraine» LLC).

This credit program runs in all official dealer centers «Honda».

This program applies to clients, the credit decision for whom will be made during its running.

For detailed information please visit the official websites of «Ukrsotsbank» and «Honda Ukraine».

PJSC «Ukrsotsbank» — one of the biggest system banks of Ukraine, which provides the whole spectrum of financial instruments.

«Honda Ukraine» LLC — official distributor of vehicles and machinery «Honda» in Ukraine.

«Universalna» changed the legal address

PJSC «Insurance Company «Universalna» has changed the legal address to adjust it in accordance with the actual address.

Thus, the legal address of IC «Universalna» is as follows: 48A, B. Khmelnytskogo Str., Kyiv, 01030.

Let us remind that the decision about the company’s location change was made during the Supervisory Board meeting on June 7, 2010.

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