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Insurance Company «Universalna» and «OKKO» filling complexes network implement joint partner program for clients

On the 10th of February a partner program of «OKKO» filling complexes network and PJSC «Insurance Company «Universalna» has started. Program essence consists in the fact that henceforth car insurance policy can be purchased at 19 OKKO filling complexes in Kyiv and Kyiv region.

Program is implemented with the aim of broadening the complex of services for clients. Additional service will add comfort to the visitors of filling complexes. Purchasing policy at «OKKO» filling complexes clients also get FISHKA points, which can be exchanged for various gifts.

The first stage of campaign covers Kyiv and Kyiv region, during the year it is planned to spread additional service over the whole «OKKO» filling complexes network covering almost the whole country.

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