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The second Consumer’s Insurance Conference «Comparisons, Possibilities, Choice» took place in Lviv on April 27-28, on the initiative of LIOU and with the participation of «Universalna»

The conference became the continuation of a new LIOU project that lies in holding regional conferences for consumers of insurance services in Ukraine. Within a year LIOU is planning a stage-by stage realization of similar events in all regions of Ukraine, what will contribute to the strengthening of business reputation of insurance market participants as reliable partners, for whom the core value of business activity is the protection of clients.

The essence of the event consisted in the following: managers of insurance companies, representatives of the Industrial and Commercial Chamber of Ukraine and League of Insurance Organizations of Ukraine conducted a kind of insurance «campaign against illiteracy» for the management of local businesses. The audience of the conference consisted of businessmen, heads of financial and economic departments of big industrial enterprises, owners of medium and small business.

LIOU notes that the project will become a new stage in the relations between insured and insurers. The purpose of the conference is ensuring the transparency of national insurance sphere and civilized cooperation between insured and insurers, as well as formation of client segments. The topicality of the event lies in consolidation of efforts of market participants for popularization of insurance services at the regional level. More than 100 participants took part in this conference.

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