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Insurance Company «Universalna» Joins New Presidium of Ukraine's Motor Transport Insurance Bureau

On January 25, 2005, the Motor Transport Insurance Bureau of Ukraine held a regularly scheduled general meeting of its members.

The meeting endorsed the new composition of the Bureau's Presidium: Open Joint-Stock Insurance Company «Universalna», Closed Joint-Stock Insurance Company «Knyazhna», Nationwide Joint-Stock Insurance Company Oranta, Joint-Stock Insurance Company «Avionika», Open Joint-Stock Insurance Company «Oradon», Ukrainian Transport Insurance Company JSC, and Closed Joint-Stock Insurance Company «Ukrhaz». The meeting also appointed the new members of the Bureau's Coordinating Board:

parliamentary representatives of ad hoc committees and sub-committees: Serhiy Buriak, Oleksandr Morozov, Vitaly Khomutynnik;

State Commission for the Regulation of Financial Services Markets chairman Viktor Suslov;

League of Ukrainian Insurance Organizations president Oleksandr Filonyuk;

Insurance companies: Joint-Stock Insurance Company INGO Ukraine, Ukrainian Insurance Company Garant-Avto OJSC, Ukrainian Fire Insurance Company, Open Joint-Stock Insurance Company Oranta Sich.

The new Motor Transport Insurance Bureau Presidium has reelected Volodymyr Romanyshyn as the Bureau's president.

As a separate item on the agenda, the meeting discussed amendments to the Motor Transport Insurance Bureau's Charter in its new wording and submitted them for approval by the State Commission for the Regulation of Financial Services Markets.

The Motor Transport Insurance Bureau of Ukraine is an association of Ukrainian insurers, which has been formed to coordinate the operation of insurance member organizations in the sphere of insurance coverage for car owners against liabilities resulting from car accidents, as well as to enforce treaties and conventions on the civil liability insurance coverage for drivers who are foreign nationals.

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