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«Race for the Sake of Children», co-arranged by «Universalna», is still on the run

«Race for the sake of children» lasts for already more than a month. It presents a charitable marathon race, which pass through the whole territory of Ukraine – from Luhansk region till Lviv region. In such a way the young marathon runner, student Andriy Maksymovych, together with his colleagues decided to draw attention of the public to the problem of new-born children health in Ukraine. The first company to react was OJSC Insurance Company «Universalna». Apart form that, «Universalna» became an insurance partner and co-arranger of this charitable event.

Up to now, the press-conferences were held in Lviv (April 6), Kyiv (April 10), Luhansk (April 12), Stakhanov (April 13), Slavyansk (April 14), Izyum (April 17), Chuhuyev (April 19), Kharkiv (April 20), Lubny (April 27), Pyryantyn (Paril 27), Yahotyn (May 1), Berezan (May 1), Kyiv (May 4), and Makarov (May 5). The race participants, local authorities’ representatives and the heads of structural divisions of «Universalna» took part in these press-conferences.

The aim of the race is to draw attention of the Ukrainian public to the problem of social responsibility and to collect funds for the purchase of essential equipment for maternity hospitals in Lviv region. The initiators hope that the project will unite the whole Ukraine in one common aim – to help children. Arranging this project, the organizers aimed at launching charitable races and marathons in Ukraine, which have already become a good tradition in the democratic world.

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