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«OKKO» and «Universalna» demonstrated athletes to Kharkiv

Competitions of Ukrainian athletes, organized by famous Ukrainian strongmen Vasyliy Virastyuk and Mykhayil Starov took place in Horkyy park in Kharkiv.

According to the city press, the tournament gathered sufficient audience. The competition was held in two stages, what allowed usual Kharkiv citizens to try their forces along with the «main» competitors. Among six city boys two best strongmen were chosen, deemed worthy of passing the real test of their strength. In the final competition the following athletes were taking part: Hennadiy Danylov (Cherkasy), Volodymyr Muravlev (Chervonyy Lyman, Donetsk region), Andriy Hrebenyuk (Apostolovo, Dnipropetrovsk region) and Mykhaylo Melnykov (Makiyivka).

The winner of the athletes’ competition for Vasyl Virastyuk Prize became Volodymyr Muravlev, who won in four exercises at once (only 7-ton MAZ was conquered after a slight delay). The second winner of the competition was another Donbas representative – young Mykhaylo Melnykov. The third one was Hennadiy Danylov, who scored the same result as Andriy Hrebenyuk, but took the lead owing to his winning in the exercise with a truck.

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