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«Universalna» is a leader again!

The next issue of one of the oldest, and at the same time one of the most prestigious Ukrainian ratings – «Top 100 of the best companies of Ukraine» has been published recently. The rating was compiled by «Investgazeta». According to the research, «Universalna» is a leader in the section «Leading insurance companies in volumes of insurance payments in obligatory insurance (apart from state insurance) in 2005)». The company effected payments in these types of insurance for the amount of 15 530,8 thousand UAH. At that, the biggest competitor in this section (NAIC «Oranta») reached the figure 13 830,9 thousand UAH.

Apart from the mentioned leadership, the other company achievements should be mentioned, which were distinguished by the general ratings. Thus, the company rose to the fourth position in two ratings at once – by volumes of insurance payments in the liability insurance and in obligatory non-state insurance. In the general rating of Ukrainian insurance companies ‘non-life’, in comparison with the previous year, «Universalna» moved from the 17th position to the 14th, what is incontrovertible evidence of the way to leadership declared by «Universalna».

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