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«Insurance Company «Universalna» has got an extremely high rating among the insurance companies of Ukraine enrolling on the «golden fund» list

In July 2006 «Expert Ukraine» Rating Center conducted the first study to reveal steady insurance companies in the national market seeking transparency. «Insurance Company «Universalna» also joined the project. As a result of the study, all risk insurance companies were split into three groups: А, В and С. The Companies were awarded according to four criteria: the quality and quantity of the information submitted, precise strategy, insurance payment sources diversification, and reinsurance portfolio diversification.

«Insurance Company «Universalna» entered group «Aa» - group of 36 leaders - the most transparent insurance companies of Ukraine among four hundred registered organizations.

Along with other companies of group «A», «Insurance Company «Universalna» declared in public its transparency and submitted all information requested by the Rating center. The publication says, integral summary figure of steadiness of «Insurance Company «Universalna» for 2005 made 1,814, while for the first half of 2006 it increased drastically to make 1,601 today and steeply head for the top level.

«Expert Ukraine» Rating Center's research concludes, «Insurance Company «Universalna» along with other companies of group «A» make the «golden fund» of the Ukrainian insurance market.

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