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Insurance Company «Universalna» Launches Specialized Web Site on Mandatory Liability Insurance for Car Owners

The Insurance Company «Universalna» has launched a nationwide Internet Project that addresses the issues of civil and legal liability insurance of car owners. The resource can be accessed at

The main purpose of the resource is to inform car owners about the essence, mechanisms, and the latest news in the sphere of mandatory civil liability insurance for car owners. Among the special features of the Web site is a tool for calculating the price of an insurance policy and ordering a free delivery of a policy to the address specified by the customer.

In addition, the Web resource provides explanations of relevant legislation, analytical articles, and a message board for the exchange of opinions among car owners. Moreover, specialists of the Insurance Company «Universalna» will be happy to provide answers to questions concerning the mandatory civil liability insurance in the online mode.

This is the first and thus far unique specialized Ukrainian Web resource dedicated to mandatory civil liability insurance.

It will be recalled that on January 1, 2005, Ukraine introduced mandatory civil liability insurance for car owners, and as of April 1 this year drivers without insurance policies will be subject to penalties.

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