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«Universalna» has organized «insurance boom»

A monthly all – Ukrainian PR project «Insurance market of Ukraine. 15 years of experience» took place under the aegis of «Universalna». On the basis of this event the creation of regional associations of insurers was founded in several regions of Ukraine to lobby interests before state structures, entrepreneurs and the market of services for natural persons. It is expected that the present project will not only start the growth of regional insurance market but will also promote the authority of insurance as a whole.

As a result, hundreds of publications in printed MASS-MEDIA, more than 600 subjects, programs, information messages on the radio and TV, active distribution of information messages in Internet publications have seen the world.

As of the 15th of November 2006, the project «Insurance market of Ukraine. 15 years of experience» has taken place in most regional centres of Ukraine and in several districts as well. The representatives of insurance companies and banks, local entrepreneurs and representatives of mass media were involved in the round tables.

The contents of publications are detailed explanations concerning nuances of legislation, blanket tariffs, medical insurance, insurance of the owners of transport facilities, actual items of development of insurance business, which were given by qualified specialists of «Universalna» and managers of more than twenty other insurance companies.

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