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«Universalna» held the shareholders’ meeting and increased the authorized fund up to UAH100 000 000!

The shareholders’ meeting of OJSC Insurance company «Universalna» took place on December 19. According to the agenda, the decision to increase the authorized fund to the amount of UAH 40,000,000 was made during the meeting. Thus, the amount of the authorized fund after the emission registration shall amount to UAH 100,000,000. The increase of the authorized fund will occur due to the additional investments of shareholders.   

Except for the amount of the authorized fund, shareholders of the company came to the decision to alter the personal staff of supervisory authority (Company Board):

  • O. Pavlenko – Head of Company Board, Vice–president of Universal Investment Group, legal expert;
  • V. Antonov – member of Company Board, President of Universal Investment Group, economist;
  • N. Antonova – member of Company Board, Vice-president of Universal Investment Group, psychologist;
  • P. Sheremeta – member of Company Board, dean of Kiev-Mohyla Business School, economist;
  • V. Danylyak – member of Company Board (secretary), Executive Director of Universal Investment Group, economist-mathematician.

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