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Insurance Company «Universalna» Invites Bids from Car Repair Services, Towing Services, and Car Parks in all of Ukraine's Regions

The Insurance Company «Universalna» is announcing a call for bids from car repair services, towing services, and car parks in all of Ukraine's regions to select companies that can offer the best conditions for repairs and servicing of cars covered by the Insurance Company «Universalna». All interested bidders shall to submit the following information by March 10:

  • company address, telephones, and contact persons
  • company's business hours
  • specialization (types of motor vehicles)
  • description of technical capabilities
  • availability of a warehouse or store where spare parts can be bought or ordered
  • complete list of services (primary and additional)
  • cost of services per hour or fixed costs for services (required information)
  • possibilities for discounts or special rates for customers of the Insurance Company «Universalna»

The company will sign contracts with successful bidders in every region. To ensure full-service solutions for our customers, the company has medical and technical assistance services and a system of average commissioners (surveyors), who provide assistance in case of an insured event. If damaged, the customer's motor vehicle will be taken to one of the partner companies for repairs. The company's clients can also call the 24-h Assistance Center and receive information on the partner service providers listed in the company's database.

Send your bids by regular mail: 65 Turhenyev St., Lviv 79015
or by fax: (032) 298-97-78
For details call: (032) 298-97-77

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