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Insurance Company «Universalna» and the world’s largest reinsurer

Universalna has indicated the following lines of business to cover:

  • Property (private, small business, commersial and industrial property risks);
  • CAR, EAR, Business interruption, Machinery breakdownand incomming facultative reinsurance.

   Retensions and limit of the contract amountes to USD 5 000, 000 XS USD 100, 000 Ultimate Net Loss, each and every loss any one risk.

The Munich Re Group operates worldwide, turning risk into value. US rating agency Standard & Poor’s affirms for Munich Re its top rating (A+; AM Best A+). In the business year 2004, it achieved a profit of ?1,833m, until then the highest in its 125-year corporate history. In 2004, its premium income amounted to approximately ?38bn and its investments to around ?178bn. The Group is characterised by particularly pronounced diversification. It has more than 40,000 employees in 60 countries throughout the world and operates in all lines of insurance. It is both one of the world's leading reinsurers and, through the ERGO Insurance Group, the second-largest provider in the German primary insurance market and a leading player on several other European insurance markets.

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