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«Universalna» Insured Ukrainian Expedition to the Himalayas

OJSC Insurance Company «Universalna» becomes General Insurer of National Himalayan Expedition «Ukraine – Himal 2007», which launched on April 7.

«Universalna» insured expedition medical expenses as well as all climbers against accident for the time of the expedition to the amount of USD 25,000. According to the agreement, «Universalna» company will provide full accompaniment and assistance at evacuation to Ukraine in case of emergency.

The aim of the expedition is simultaneous trail breaking by both teams to the tops of two mountains: Himal Chuli peak along Eastern wall with mounting the plateau from Lidanda Glacier and P3 (Simnang - Himal) peak along the centre of the Southern wall. Both routes have the highest (sixth) category of complexity. The national flag of Ukraine and the flag of «Universalna» company will be set at the peak of one of the mountains.

No oxygen cylinders during the conquest of the Himal Chuli summit (7,900 meters) will be used by Ukrainian climbers and that makes this mounting really unique. Oxygen cylinders will be used only in case of emergency.

«Universalna» company traditionally supports the development of Ukrainian sports by its sponsorship projects," said Olha Kaminska, Head of «Universalna» Marketing Department. "Support of Himalayan expedition is one of the projects, by which we continue to help people with intense spirit and those who strive eagerly for the new peaks. Such people are close to our corporate culture and we became a participant of such project with readiness. In addition to this, we are proud to join action, due to which this unprecedented mounting will be held and the flag of Ukraine will appear on the top of the Himalayan summit."

National Himalayan Expedition including 14 participants, is headed by Honored trainer of Ukraine, Master of Sports Valentyn Symonenko. All participants of the expedition are Masters or Candidates for Master of Sports. The expedition reaches its completion on May 28.

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