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«Universalna» insured «Bakha-Bosporus-Zaliv» rally

OJSC «Insurance Company «Universalna» has become the insurer of the 1st lap of Ukrainian Cup 2007 in «Bakha-Bosporus-Zaliv» rally, an off-road automobile race that will take place on May 10-13, 2007 in Kerch.

«Universalna» traditionally supports this competition and insures its organizers’ third party liability. Furthermore, for three years the Company has been the sponsor of the crew piloted by Yuriy Zastavnyy, the Director of Singenta Company - the Ukrainian representative of agrochemical market world leader. 

«During the three-day lap crews go through hundreds of kilometers of rough trails. In order for a crew to reach the final and, certainly, in order to win, there should be teamwork, coordinated actions of the pilot, the navigator and mechanics. We support this sport because it is for courageous men, it is dynamic and it proves once again that it is possible to surmount all obstacles on the way to the goal if there is teamwork», - said Marketing Director of the Company Olha Kaminska.

The «Bakha-Bosporus-Zaliv» lap is a professional off-road race with the participation of crews from different countries. The peculiarity of the lap is the steppe zone with long flat high-speed areas. The official start will take place from the central square of Kerch on May 10, 2007. The chief organizer of rally is OJSC «Shipbuilding Plant «Zaliv». The next lap of the competition, «Bakha - Polissya 2007», is scheduled for July 13-15 in Shostka.

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