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«Universalna’s» team came first in the І lap of rally Cup of Ukraine 2007

The team of the insurance company «Universalna» won the first prize in the team qualifier of the І lap of rally Cup of Ukraine 2007 «Bakha Bosporus Zaliv» that took place on the outskirts of Kerch in the Crimea on May 10-13.

The І lap of offroadsters’ race was held on the outskirts of Kerch – locality absolutely unfamiliar to the participants, and it was the first time that the sporting distance had reached 672 km for 2 days. As a rule, sporting sections used to be 500 km long at the most, therefore the І lap of 2007 proved to be a real challenge for sportsmen and machinery. The character of the route surface was quite uniform – mostly field earth roads, sometimes marshlands and rocky areas. High speed required the maximum of concentration since the majority of high-speed straights ended in ditches and pits. The complexity coefficient for the race made up 1.5.

After the check by the technical and medical commission, 17 crews were admitted to start in the qualifier «sport» and 12 crews in «rally» qualifier, which was quite an achievement taking into account that the lap was new and long in distance. The whole event comprised a grand opening at the central square of the town on May 10, 2 laps 168 km each on May 11 and an equal distance on May 12. A pair race was as well held for Kerch residents to which many people flocked.      

Shortly before final – at the 40 kilometer of the 4th route section, «Universalna’s» crew had to withdraw because while they were getting over rough areas of the terrain the engine got off the cushions of fastening to car frame, shifted to the forefront and fan blades cut through the radiator, one blade even broke off as a result. A team decision was made to search for the shortest way to the final without going through the remaining control points (CP). Thus the crew would have at least successfully come to the final, although with penalties for all the CPs.

«OJSC «Insurance Company «Universalna» shares the principles of dynamics, teamwork and focus on a high result characteristic of both Ukrainian rally competitions and the insurance market of Ukraine», – remarked crew’s pilot from Kyiv, Yuriy Zastavnyy. The honorary position of the second «Universalna’s» crew member – that of the navigator was occupied by the Candidate Master of Automobile Sport Serhiy Obyedkov from Kharkiv. Thus, after limited participation in the season of 2006 with taking part in as little as one lap (Singenta Competition, Odesa, June 2006), the crew of the insurance company «Universalna» has resumed full participation in Ukrainian rally competitions.

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