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Insurance Company «Universalna» General Director Named One of Ukraine's Best Top Managers

The Ukrainian Investment Gazette, a popular financial magazine, has awarded Natalia Bezbakh, General Director of the Insurance Company «Universalna», with a «TOP-100. Best Top Manager» award in recognition of her accomplishments in 2004.

In particular, the magazine's editors have credited Natalia Bezbakh with shaping the national methodology for the development of the Ukrainian insurance market. The General Director of the Insurance Company «Universalna» has managed to unite four insurance companies under her leadership and assisted the State Commission for the Regulation of Financial Services Markets in drafting procedural recommendations concerning mergers of insurance companies.

The company ranks among the ten top Ukrainian insurers in terms of insurance premiums growth dynamics.

The certificate from the compilers of the influential rating «TOP-100. Best Top Manager of Ukraine» is proof of the nationwide recognition of the expertise of company's top managers and its positive reputation with both colleagues and competitors.

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