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SIA 2007 visitors will receive prizes and discounts for insurance from «Universalna»

A promotion is held by «Universalna's» staff at Kyiv 15th SIA 2007 International Auto Show on May 23-27. The Company will hold draws and present all visitors of the show who fill in a questionnaire with interesting and useful gifts. Every person who addresses any of «Universalna's» branch offices with an advertisement handout till June 30 will get a 10% discount on all types of voluntary insurance.

During the show its visitors will be able to obtain detailed information on the insurance of cars of domestic and foreign manufacture from «Universalna's» experts. One will also be able to purchase an insurance policy in Company's booth. Insurance experts from the Company's Headquarters provide steady consulting to potential customers, give detailed information about the Company and the benefits of insurance with «Universalna».

«The promotion is aimed at the insurance products sale stimulation and the attraction of new customers who will visit the auto show» - remarked Marketing Department Director Olga Kaminska.

Draws take place every day from May 23 till May 27 at 12.00, 2.00 p.m. and 4.00 p.m. at «Universalna's» booth.

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