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Insurance Company «Universalna» discloses Results of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders

The Board of the Company is pleased to announce that all the resolutions tabled at the Annual General Meeting of the Company held on Friday, 25 May have been passed.

Accordingly, participants of the meeting have approved Financial statements of the Company for the year 2006, Appropriation of distributable profit for the financial year 2006, and the Internal Audit Committee report.

95% of the distributable profit for the year 2006 has been decided to direct for further company's development (remaining 5% are being directed to the Reserve fund of the company).

A new Board of Directors was elected as follows:
  • Pavlenko Î. - Chairman of the Board
  • Sheremeta P. - Member of the Board
  • Danylyak V. - Member of the Board
  • Zastavny Y. - Member of the Board
  • Hudo À. - Member of the Board
Members of the Audit Commission were elected as follows:
  • Demkiv R. - Head of the Audit Commission
  • Kulya B. - Member of the Audit Commission
  • Piddubnyk V. - Member of the Audit Commission

A new Corporate Governance code of the OJSC «Insurance Company «Universalna» has been approved. (The full version of the document would be soon available on our Investor relations web site).

In order to achieve higher efficiency and greater economies of scale the shareholders have decided to improve Company's distribution structure by termination of 8 existing divisions. Terminated branches will be turned into small mobile front-offices focusing on selling insurance products only.

During the meeting the shareholders have also approved the results of the seventh shares issue placement in the process of which purchase agreement for additional 40 mln shares at par value UAH 1 were set up. Implying the total share capital from here on of UAH 100 mln.

In addition a new wording of Company's Charter approved on May 25, would be soon available on our Investor relations web site.

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