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«Universalna» saved the health of members of expedition to the Himalayas

On May 21 during the descent from Himal Chuli summit, a snow avalanche engulfed a group of climbers at the height of 6,200 meters above sea level and two people suffered. Due to the immediate action taken by Insurance Company «Universalna» support service the victims were immediately hospitalized and their lives were no more in danger. The sum total spent by Insurance Company «Universalna» to rescue the members of the expedition was UAH 51,664.

OJSC «Insurance Company «Universalna» was the Chief Insurer of the National Himalayan Expedition «Ukraine-Himal 2007» which started on April 7. All expedition members were insured in «Universalna» with a contract of complex insurance of travellers abroad with the option «Medical Expenses», plus all the climbers were additionally insured with the option «Accident».

Two teams of 6 and 4 people were supposed to assault 2 mountain peaks: Himal Chuli (7,893 m.) with reaching Lidanda Glacier plateau up the north-eastern side and Simnang Himal (6,251 m.) up the middle of its southern side. Our sportsmen made the first climb of Simnang Himal. 

During April 15 – 30 the two teams reached the height of 6,400 m. above sea level together and camped in picturesque mountains for a two-week rest. On May 7 they separated and each team started to climb a separately.  

While climbing the mountain of Simnang Himal up its southern side in adverse weather conditions one team failed to cover as little as the last 300 m. to the peak and had to return. «It would have been more sensible to take this route in autumn at all, – remarked the experienced climber, Master of Sports Pavlo Frantsovych Slavinskyy, – moreover, the monsoon made an early come this year». 

The other team reached the peak of Himal Chuli on May 19 at 9.30 having surmounted about 21 km. But while descending the summit on May 21 at 10.30 they were engulfed by a snow avalanche at the height of 6,200 m. above sea level and two people suffered as a result. A helicopter flew out to the tragedy spot right away and the climbers were provided with emergency care. On May 26 the expedition members were delivered to Katmandu hospital and on May 29 they were delivered to a hospital in Kyiv. According to medical diagnosis, one of the climbers has chilblain of 2-3 phase and the other is suffering a number of grave injuries.

«The cause of the avalanche remains unknown, - commented Pavlo Frantsovych, - since the team of professionals followed all mountaineering rules and safety precautions while descending. There is only one conclusion to make: it was a typical accident».

The sum total paid by Insurance Company «Universalna» to save the members of the expedition constituted UAH 51,664. A part of the money – UAH 21,664 – was spent on the organized helicopter flight to the tragedy spot and on emergency medical consultation. The rest of the money went to pay for the treatment of two victim climbers: UAH 10,000 and UAH 20,000 respectively according to two different diagnoses.

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