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«Universalna» supported extreme-race «Gorgany Race 2007»

OJSC «Insurance Company «Universalna» sponsored non-commercial team competition in hiking – extreme-race «Gorgany Race 2007» having insured all participants of the event from accidents free of charge.

During two days – on June, 30 and July, 1 – over a hundred of participants in 14 teams from five Ukrainian western regions were surmounting difficulties of the mounting ridge Gorgany in Ukrainian Carpathians.

The winner of «Gorgany Race 2007» became the team PP from Nadvirna (Ivano-Frankivsk region), the runner-up became Lviv team Transit, the team Druids from Lutsk won the honorary ‘bronze’.

The competition consisted of two stages – technical one and the actual extreme-race. At the technical stage participants were required using climbing equipment to surmount the range of obstacles, which included downhill to ravine, different kinds of crossing the gorge and the river, efficient usage of climbing equipment. Teams started the race at intervals of three minutes, depending on the time spent on overcoming the technical contest stage.

The length of the itinerary, which came through the summits of Yayko-Ilemske, Moloda, Gropha and the ridge Arshytsia, amounted to about 90 km if take into account the altitude swing. Teams were to accomplish this distance in 30 hours. The other requirement to teams was to finish with their full complement, otherwise the result would not be scored. The itinerary was difficult, which is proved by the fact that only 6 teams out of 14 fulfilled the requirements.

«Universalna» traditionally sponsors sports events and we could not ignore this absorbing action – extreme race «Gorgany Race 2007», - said Mykhaylo Hrynyk, Head of the «Universalna» Advertisement Department, - we advocate the same values sports does: dynamics, team spirit, rapidity of reaction, will and skills to overcome obstacles. Perhaps, this is the reason why «Universalna» goes in the vanguard of the leaders in the sphere.

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