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Insurance Company «Universalna» discloses Results of the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders

Accordingly, the shareholders of IC «Universalna» have elected new Supervisory Board, composed of four members already serving on the Board, as well as Natalia Yaresko, Olek Teonidis and Whiteford Limited as new members. Thus the new Supervisory board members are as follows:

  • Vitaliy Antonov, Chairman of the Supervisory Board
  • Vasyl Danylyak, Member of the SB
  • Yuriy Kuchabskiy, Member of the SB
  • Natalia Yaresko, Member of the SB
  • Olek Teonidis, Member of the SB
  • Bedivire Investments Limited, Member of the SB
  • Whiteford Limited, Member of the SB

In addition, the participants of the meeting have also voted on the proposed level of remuneration for the Supervisory Board members. It has been decided to establish the payment for each meeting, instead of the monthly wages as before.

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