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The insurance company Universalna has an international composition of shareholders.



Whiteford Limited is an investment company owned by Lviv businessman Vitaly Antonov, who owns OKKO filling stations (Galnaftogaz concern). The network has more than 400 gas stations and is one of the largest in Ukraine. Gas stations are constantly recognized by customers and independent experts as the best in quality fuel, related products and services.
Vitaliy Antonov is one of the ten best top managers of Ukraine. This status was granted to him by the business magazine Kompanion, as well as constantly included in the hundred of the most influential people in Ukraine according to the rating of the magazine Focus.
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EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) - European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, headquartered in London (UK).
The international financial organization, which consists of the founders of 69 countries, the European Union and the European Bank. EBRD is one of the largest investors in Ukraine, which finances projects in 38 countries, banks, investing in both new enterprises and operating companies. He works closely with state-owned companies, supports the processes of structural reorganization and improvement of public utilities in Ukraine. It creates positive conditions for the development of entrepreneurial activity in Ukraine.
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Horizon Capital (via Bedivere Investments Limited) - International Investment Company, headquartered in Chicago (USA). Horizon Capital invests in companies with high growth potential and profitability, good business reputation, qualified management, and a clear development strategy.
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Genesis - Investment Fund, headquartered in London (UK). Investment and research organization that invests in emerging markets.
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Dragon Capital (through DRGN Limited) - the largest investment company in Ukraine, which operates in the field of investment and financial services. The investment strategy of Dragon Capital provides for the entry into private ones. According to ratings of Euromoney, Global Finance, WEALTH & FINANCE, the best investment company of Ukraine in 2018.
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Supervisory Board Members:

Vitaly Antonov, Head of the Supervisory Board.
Vasily Danilyak, Member of the Supervisory Board.
Willem Vinaends, Member of the Supervisory Board.
Oksana Yavorskaya, Member of the Supervisory Board.
Valery Netrebenko, Member of the Supervisory Board.


Members of the Audit Commission:

Marta Fedkiv, Chairman of the Audit Commission
Spivak Andrei, member of the Audit Commission
Konenko Alexey, member of the Audit Commission