Payment as for a new car - GAP insurance program


CAR CASCO: payment as for a new car

Every year the car loses up to 20% of its value. With Standard CASCO, the payment will not exceed the value of the car on the date of the insured event, but this will not be enough to buy a new car...

The GAP program from UNIVERSALNA guarantees payment from the insurance company in the amount of the purchase price of the car.
The amount of payment is calculated in accordance with the value of the car under the contract of sale, taking into account the deductible chosen by the client on the risks of "theft" and "total destruction"

Who is GAP suitable for?

For customers who insure CASCO in UNIVERSALNA, even their loaned car, and want to have really complete protection for their car.

In particular, this program is interesting for:
  • new cars
  • cars up to 3 years old, which take out CASCO from UNIVERSALNA
  • recently purchased used cars

GAP payout as for a new car

  • Theft


    The GAP program covers thefts of cars

  • Total destruction

    Total destruction

    The GAP program is valid case of TOTAL DESTRUCTION of the car

  • 0,41%


    GAP insurance costs from 0,41%

More about GAP

  • In which cases can I get a GAP payout?

    For minor accidents, the insurance company will pay according to a regular CASCO contract - the insurance company will organize and pay for car repairs (depending on the options of the CASCO contract - payment may be with a deductible and wear and tear of parts).

    But in case of a significant accident, a tree falling on a car, flooding or theft of the car, the insurance company will pay under the CASCO contract the amount equal to the value of the car on the day of the accident (and this is regulated by law). This amount is not enough to buy a new car.

    If, however, the car is insured under the GAP Program, the insurance company will reimburse the difference between the cost of a new car and the payment of CASCO.

    With a GAP program payment, you can buy a new car.
  • Can I insure my car under the GAP program without CASCO insurance?

    The GAP program is an additional option to the CASCO policy.
    You can insure your car under the GAP program if you get CASCO insurance with in UNIVERSALNA for your loanedcar or a car you bought for cash.
  • What to do in case of an accident

    Here is an example.

    Our client bought an Audi A8 for UAH 2,300,000.

    In three years, his car will be valued at approximately UAH 1,600,000.

    If the car is stolen in the third year, UNIVERSALNA will pay its client UAH 1,600,000. For this money the client will not be able to buy a new car.

    But if the client has GAP insurance, he will be able to receive additionally up to UAH 700,000 from UNIVERSALNA. And will be able to buy a new car.
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