• Commodity credit insurance

  • Commodity credit insurance


    By providing insurance services under this type of insurance, we help our clients - Ukrainian producers - to enter new markets or improve existing credit conditions for their clients, which helps to be more competitive in the marketplace.

    This is how the whole world works.
    This type of insurance has always been very developed in Western Europe, North America, Australia and Japan. Now UNIVERSALNA offers this product on the Ukrainian market in full as it has long been practiced in the developed world.
    Commodity credit insurance

    For whom is this type of insurance essential?

    commodity risk insurance

    Commodity credit insurance protects Suppliers from the risk of non-payment of receivables by local and foreign Buyers.
    Commodity credit insurance is a very dynamic and active type of insurance, as Insurers sell goods every day.

    How does it help?

    Commodity credit insurance protects the Insured against:
    • Insolvency (when the Buyer becomes insolvent under the law of the country of registration)
    • Prolonged delay in payment (when the Buyer does not pay for 180 days after the payment due date provided by the Supplier)

    Benefits for business

    Commodity credit insurance has the following benefits for business

    Domestic and export receivables can account for up to 50% of the company’s assets. So why do companies only protect their fixed assets and not insure their receivables? Insured receivables are highly liquid assets.

    Commodity credit insurance contracts help to be competitive in both the local and international markets by providing higher trade limits or longer periods of deferred payment.

    Countries with commodity credit insurance are competitive in international markets by providing longer deferral periods, as well as the benefits listed below.