Universalna Rankings


Based on the IC Universalna’s report analysis for 9 months of 2019, Universalna holds the following leading positions in the insurance market of Ukraine (source: https://forinsurer.com):

  • TOP-8 Insurance Assets
  • TOP-8 Insurance Reserves
  • TOP-9 Insurance premiums
  • TOP-11 Claims paid


Based on the performance results of 9 months 2019 Universalna is one of the leading insurance companies of Ukraine in some types of insurance (source: https://forinsurer.com):

  • TOP-1 Avia Insurance
  • TOP-4 Personal Accident Insurance
  • TOP-6 Agro Insurance
  • TOP-7 MOD (Motor Own-Damage)
  • TOP-7 Travel Insurance
  • TOP-9 Property Insurance
  • TOP-10 Health Insurance


* Among companies with a classical business model


Based on the results of the IC Universalna’s statements for the 9 months of 2019 «Insurance company «Universalna» has updated the credit rating/the financial stability (reliability) at the level uaАА+ according to the national scale. (Universalna is characterized by a very high financial stability compared to other Ukrainian insurers) (source: http://standard-rating.biz).

For the two quarters of 2019 according to the assessment of the MTIBU members-insurers’ operation upon all three drivers (Indicator of the overall assessment of the insurer's operation, Assessment indicator «Quality of claims handling», Assessment indicator «Level of complaints from claimants and insured persons») the operation of Universalna was assessed as «GOOD» (green). (source: http://www.mtsbu.ua).

According to the MTIBU IC «Universalna» holds the following leading positions in the Ukrainian insurance market (source www.mtsbu.ua):

  • TOP-1 by terms of claims handling on the Direct Settlement, 10 days at average!
  • TOP-3 by terms of claims handling on the MTPL.