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Rating and analysis of the largest insurance companies in Ukraine 2019

Ukrainian online media - Mind, made the third rating of insurance companies, where the operation of 34 largest insurance players during 2018 has been analyzed.


The analysis was made on the basis of nine key drivers: debt load, claims paid level, dynamics of gross written premiums and capital, financial stability of the company, owners and affiliation with FIGs, level of captivity, economies of scale and MTIBU assessment.


Following the rating results “Insurance Company “Universalna” got 4.5 “stars”.


According to the rating of Ukrainian online media, PrJSC “Insurance Company “Universalna” has the following top positions on the insurance market of Ukraine:


TOP 10 largest companies in the Motor Hull market;

TOP 5 largest insurers in the Agricultural sector;

TOP 5 largest companies on the Civil Aviation insurance market.


Online media - Mind, recommends PrJSC “Insurance Company “Universalna” when choosing an insurer for your property, business or health.

(source: https://mind.ua/)