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Management Board

Management Board PrJSC «IC «UNIVERSALNA»


Oleksii Muzychko

CEO of Insurance Company Universalna


B.A. of Law | Lviv State University, 1996
Since 1999 in insurance business. Prior to joining Universalna in 2008, he worked for Insurance Company Uniqa (Ukraine). Oleksii Muzychko is among the best top managers of Ukraine in the insurance sector. Responsible for the Company’s strategic development, its financial stability and investment activities, corporate business and risk management.




Ruslana Palayda

Deputy Chairman of the Board/CSO of Insurance Company Universalna


Master’s degree of Finances and Insurance | Ternopil National Economic University, 2006-2007
Master’s degree in Computer Science | Vinnytsia National Technical University, 1994. Since 2003 in insurance business. Prior to joining Universalna in 2008, she held management positions in Insurance Company Uniqa (Ukraine) in the sales segment. Member of the Management Board in IC Universalna. Responsible for marketing, regional network operations, launch of new insurance products, online sales, development of retail and SMEs, work with network partners, banks, car dealers, importers, agents, training level of consultants, clients’ communication and development of loyalty programs for clients.




Rostyslav Demkiv

Deputy Chairman of the Board/CFO of Insurance Company Universalna


B.A. of economic | Lviv State University, 1993
Since 2003 in insurance business. Total work experience 24 years. Held management positions in investment companies. Joined IC Universalna in 2009 as the Deputy Chairman of the Board and CFO.
Responsible for managing business financial flows, financial planning, reporting, analysis, investment and business activities of the company.