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    «Green card» - is a policy that is mandatory if you travel abroad in your own car. It will cover the losses of the victim in the event of an accident abroad through your fault.

    Now every driver in Ukraine knows why he buys MTPL. But it operates only in our country. In Europe, you need to have a policy "Green Card", it is checked when crossing the border. The policy is purchased completely online and comes to you by e-mail. The cost of the policy depends on the type of vehicle and the term of the policy.

    «Green card» - is:
    • to cover the damage caused to your car in Europe - both property and life or health of victims
    • full compliance with the requirements of the countries participating in the Green Card system
    • easy choice of policy validity according to your trip - from 15 days to 1 year
    • protection for any driver on the insured car
    • electronic policy - it immediately enters the MTIBU database for border inspection and is stored in your e-mail in PDF format
    • 45 countries to which you can travel by car.
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