Accident abroad: what will be the payment

How UNIVERSALNA's CASCO insurance indemnity will be paid in the event of an accident abroad.

Accident abroad: what will be the payment

How UNIVERSALNA's CASCO insurance indemnity will be paid in the event of an accident abroad (of course, this requires an active Europe option and a CASCO policy):

1. We work remotely. You do not need to return to Ukraine to write an application or bring a document - you send documents electronically.

2. We understand that everyone has become very mobile and now it is difficult to plan your stay even for a short time, let alone plan your repairs at a particular service station, so we are ready to transfer funds directly to the client, and you will decide where and at what time convenient for you to be repaired.

3. If you have been insured under the Warranty Service option and have decided to carry out repairs abroad at the warranty service station (in the country of the accident or your stay) - its invoice will be accepted when calculating the amount of payment. If you have not decided on a service station or repair abroad, the amount of payment will be determined based on the cost of repairs at the warranty service station in Ukraine.

4. If you have chosen the option HUNDRED offered by the Insurer during the insurance - the payment will be made based on the cost of repairs selected by the Insurer HUNDRED in Ukraine.

If you need to draw up a CASCO contract with Europe coverage or expand the existing one - contact our managers in the regions.

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Publication date: 10.06.2022


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