• Medical Insurance

  • Insurance of collectives

    Insurance collectives


    Voluntary Health Insurance (VHI) from UNIVERSALNA is an additional bonus to the social package, a powerful guarantee of safety for the health of employees and a significant contribution to your reputation as a leader.

    Accident insurance

    for collectives

    Sum insured:

    From UAH 1.000 to UAH 100.000 for each insured person

    Insurance risks:
    • Accidental death
    • Persistent disability due to accident (establishment of disability group)
    • Temporary disability due to an accident
    • Traumatic injuries due to an accident
    Accident insurance
    Coronavirus insurance
    Coronavirus insurance

    Insurance in case COVID-19

    Coronavirus insurance

    COVID-19 insurance is not a luxury, but a necessity that guarantees your financial security and helps you get comprehensive medical care. Take care of yourself and your family today.
    • Maximum
    • Premium
    • Basic
    • Economy

    Insurance children

    We care about our children’s health, perhaps even more than our own. By insuring your child against any accident (burns, cuts, fractures, etc.), you can be sure that you will receive timely payment and save money on treatment.
    • School insurance
    • Vacation insurance (camps, recreation centers)
    Children’s insurance

    Insurance athletes

    • Safe competitions
    • Sports protection

    Medical insurance

    for travel

    Health insurance is now a mandatory document for travel abroad.
    • Medical insurance for tourists traveling abroad
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    Oksana Malysh

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