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    CASCO - is a voluntary insurance of your vehicle against accidents that can happen while you are parking or moving your car. And it doesnt matter if you are guilty or not.

    Every driver knows that by law he must have a car insurance policy. This policy will cover the damage caused to another car or its passengers resulting from the accident. But who will cover losses of the guilty party? How to recover compensatione if your car was damaged by a natural disaster, fire, explosion, actions of unknown persons or even stolen?


    • MTPL


      Mandatory insurance
      Compensation for damages, losses by the insured (policyholder) to other traffic users.

    • Additional MTPL GRAND

      Additional MTPL GRAND

      Additional insurance protection

      Helps to cover costs in situations where the MTPL limit is insufficient.

    • Driver protection

      Driver protection

      Specialized insurance program
      Your personal insurance protection when driving a car and against financial losses that may occur as a result of a traffic accident.

    • Extended warranty

      Extended warranty

      Specialized insurance program
      Provides for the repair of your vehicle after the factory warranty period has expired.

    • GAP


      GAP program from UNIVERSALNA guarantees the insurance indemnity from the insurance company in the amount of the purchase price of the vehicle.

    • Green Card

      Green Card

      «Green card» - is a policy that is mandatory if you travel abroad in your own car. It will cover the losses of the victim in the event of an accident abroad through your fault.

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