MTPL during the war

If the MTPL and DGO policy has ended, can I not buy them now, during martial law?

mtpl during the War

If the policy autocitizen and DGO has ended, can I have them now, during martial law, not to buy?

This is another popular question we often hear on our hotline.

UNIVERSALNA informs that the introduced martial law does not affect the requirement for car owners to have OSAGO policies (car citizens) on the territory of Ukraine.

The law does not contain any exceptions or concessions in this respect.

To participate in road traffic, the car must be equipped with a policy of compulsory civil liability insurance. In case of its absence, the damage caused as a result of an accident will be compensated by the owner of the car at his own expense.

Consequently, MTPL policies should be issued in the usual way. A motor vehicle must be issued for a vehicle.

It is highly recommended to expand the coverage of compulsory motor vehicle insurance by simultaneously concluding a contract for voluntary civil liability insurance (VPL).

You can conclude an auto-citizen agreement on our website yourself.

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Publication date: 28.03.2022


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