Car accident during the war

There was an accident. What to do?

Algorithm for the duration of an accident

There was an accident. What to do?

Take care of safety first - put up emergency signs or any other objects (branches, etc.) that will help others see the scene and avoid it.

If drivers or passengers are injured, call an ambulance first 103 and administer first aid to the injured.

Notify the Insurer from the scene of the accident by calling 0 800 500 381 or 38(044)364-1206 and follow the instructions received from your personal manager.

If it is not possible to call, contact our chatbot



Call tel. 102

If the police refuse to go to the scene,

fix the date and time of contacting the Police,

who called, from which phone number (as an option - a screenshot),

Police department that received the call, position and full name of the Police officer.

Try to get the police registration number.

If the police call or visit the place, and accordingly, it is impossible to obtain their certificate:

In the event of an accident with another participant:

Draw up a Europrotocol, regardless of whether the other participant(s) has a valid OSAGO policy.

If there are more than 2 participants in the accident, use another form of the Europrotocol (name the third and fourth cars A3 and B4, including on the diagram) or draw up an annex to the Europrotocol on sheet A4, where to indicate the information about all the participants and their explanation of the circumstances of the incident.

If there is no Europrotocol form, draw up an ACT on the event on sheet A4 (which, according to information, duplicates the Europrotocol), including drawing a diagram of the incident and endorsed by the participants.

If one of the participants refuses to draw up the Europrotocol or the Event Report, fill it out on their own, attaching 1-2 witnesses to the endorsement of the document, who will confirm the other participant’s refusal to draw up the Europrotocol “refused in the presence of witnesses: “signature of witness 1”, full name , telephone, address; …”

To fix the circumstances of the incident, it is necessary:

Take a photo of the scene of the incident (general and detailed photos of the place where the event occurred);

Take pictures of the cars of the participants in the accident and / or objects with which there was contact (trees, fenders, obstacles, etc.), and take photos of their damage (general and detailed photos);

Write down the details of participants and witnesses: full name, address, phone number, if possible, take a photo of their documents, incl. insurance policies;

In the event of an incident without other participants:

  1. Take as many photos as possible from the scene;
  2. Fix contacts of witnesses of the accident (name, phone numbers, address) and provide written explanations of the driver about the circumstances of the accident;
  3. How to quickly inform us and provide the above documents in electronic form to the Insurer (your personal manager).

If calling the police and, accordingly, obtaining a certificate was not possible when performing the above actions, we will consider the reported cases without certificates from the competent authorities.

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Publication date: 29.03.2022


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