Financial monitoring in an insurance company

Insurance companies, like banks, carry out financial monitoring.

Financial monitoring in an insurance company UNIVERSALNA

Everyone is used to the fact that banks check the documents of clients during any transaction, and periodically ask for full identification - provide all documents, sign them with your own signature, update phone numbers. Without it, banks do not open an account, or online banking, or even block the card.

This is done in order to implement the law on financial monitoring.

Insurance companies, like banks, carry out financial monitoring.

And this means that you just need to prepare your passport and identification code when applying for an insurance policy. It is not painful and not scary, it is a normal procedure.

Or if you buy insurance services from the company in which you work - warn the accountant to provide you with all the standard documents for the enterprise (believe me, every accountant always has them ready) - ownership structure, authority of the manager and others.< /p>

Insurance companies just want to comply with the Laws of Ukraine, they are convinced that you do too.

Together we are strong!

Victory will be for Ukraine!

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We transfer 1% of purchases with the Fishka card to the needs of defenders.

UNIVERSALNA is an insurance company that is part of the Fairfax international group (Canada, Toronto).

Publication date: 20.07.2022


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