How can a driver receive money for treatment in the event of an accident

How can a driver receive money for treatment in the event of an accident

Statistics of road accident victims for 10 months of 2023 are disappointing - 24,774 people were injured. It's no secret that money is needed for full treatment.

It is for such cases that the Driver Protection insurance product exists, which helps compensate for the costs of treatment in the event of a road accident.

How it works:

1. Contact our managers and conclude an insurance contract.

Protection for UAH 50,000 costs UAH 250 per year

Protection for UAH 100,000 costs UAH 400 per year.

Life hack: this can be purchased in a package with a mandatory autocivil and it will cost even less.

2. If something happens, you provide us with the necessary documents and we pay the money.

3. You can spend them on the treatment that is convenient for you.

By the way, we are leaders in payouts under accident insurance contracts.

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Date of publication: 12.12.2023


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