unique Insurtech product of new generation from UNIVERSALNA

Insurance company UNIVERSALNA has officially launched a new product called Universalna by Kasko2GO. This is a mobile application that allows you to quickly and on favorable terms to issue a CASCO policy. At the same time, Kasko2GO has a unique functionality for the Ukrainian market, which has no analogues in Ukraine yet.

Kasko2GO is a mobile application that uses artificial intelligence to predict the possibility of an insured event based on how often the driver is behind the wheel, how he behaves in the flow of cars, his reaction to external stimuli on the road and many other factors. Based on this analysis, the cost of insurance is formed.

At UNIVERSALNA, the product is called «CASCO of a new level» or «CASCO 2.0».

«Kasko2GO is a Swiss development. Its uniqueness is that the client can see for himself how the price of car insurance depends on his personal driving style and behavior, car mileage, - says Deputy Chairman of the Board of UNIVERSALNA Ruslana Palaida. - After each trip, the driver receives a message about the nature of his ride, about dangerous situations in which he could provoke an accident or become a participant».

UNIVERSALNA by Kasko2GO has a number of additional advantages over classic CASCO policies. First of all, it is a monthly breakdown of the payment, which is important given the high cost of insurance. Moreover, the product can be «paused» at any convenient time and not pay for it if you do not plan to use the car.


UNIVERSALNA by Kasko2GO does not require the installation of any additional devices. This is especially true if the car is new and under warranty - usually manufacturers and suppliers do not welcome such an intervention. You do not need to go to an insurance company, conduct exhausting examinations, sign a large number of documents. All interactions take place in the application, which is also important in the current epidemiological situation.

One of the differences between Kasko2GO is that insurance can be purchased for cars under the age of 15 and this will not affect the price of the policy. CASCO programs for cars up to 7-10 years old are widespread on the Ukrainian market, and if the service life of the car is longer, you have to overpay significantly.

«Universalna by Kasko2GO improves driving culture. This was proved by the statistics of European countries, where such products have been working for a long time. In Switzerland and Germany, drivers who use Kasko2GO are more careful on the roads, less at risk of accidents, - adds Ruslana Palaida. - Responsible drivers who have Kasko2GO installed do not pay the «average check», thus compensating for the costs of the brave. They pay a fair price based on their own safe driving style».

You can evaluate the performance of the application now by downloading it from the Apple Store or Play Market. You do not have to buy insurance right away. You can ride in test drive mode, look at the recommendations of the program and how it evaluates your driving style. And already on the basis of these data to make the decision on further purchase of CASCO.

Publication date: 12.11.2020


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